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2016 10 31

4 companies are willing to engage in the reconstruction of runway of Vilnius Airport

There are 4 companies willing to perform main works of reconstruction of runway of Vilnius Airport in summer of 2017. Currently, Lithuanian Airports is evaluating the presented tenders and hopes to be able to announce a winner soon.

The first stage of reconstruction is currently in progress, while works of the second stage will be conducted during the period from 14 July till 18 August of next year.

The planned value of works of the second reconstruction stage, for the implementation of which this tender was announced, will total EUR 24 million. The work of all reconstruction works is valued at nearly EUR 25 million. The project price was named having assessed the price of performance of the mandatory technical project works and the price of such works paid by other European airports. Increasing the planned price will be impossible.

According to Director of Vilnius Airports Artūras Stankevičius, a clear setting of the price of works will help avoid possible manipulations due to costs of implementation of the project.

“We are glad to see that there are a few companies showing interest in our reconstruction works, and foreign companies, such as Budimex and A.C.B, took part in the tender procedure as well. We are confident that we will soon have a reliable and a competent supplier, which will help us to revive the runway of the airport next year”- said A. Stankevičius.

In the next few weeks, tenders of companies having participated in the tender procedure will be evaluated and the ranking of tenderers will be formed. A contract with a contractor should be concluded in late December.

Main reconstruction works will be performed starting from 14 July till 23.59 p.m. of 17 August, i.e. on the 18th of August the runway will already be in operation. During this period, Vilnius Airport will not accept any flights.

A contractor having won the tender procedure will have to reconstruct the runway in essence - the soil will be removed and old asphalt coating will be dismantled, a frost-resistant protective layer will be formed, sewerage and drainage pipes will be replaced, and new and clearer information signs will be built.

Most suitable method of reconstruction and the optimal time was chosen for reconstruction works of the runway of Vilnius Airport having assessed all technical project requirements and other conditions, such as precipitation, temperature and daylight hours.

Runway is one of the most important parts of the airport infrastructure, good condition of which assures the safety of flights and passengers.

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