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2017 01 16

The Tender for Runway Reconstruction in Vilnius Airport was Won by the Company “A.C.B.”

The winner of the tender for Vilnius Airport Runway Reconstruction has been announced. It is a consortium of undertakings led by the company “A.C.B.”. The winner was chosen after evaluating the qualification of the participants of the tender and the compliance of their proposals with the tendering conditions.

“The tender was won by a merged consortium of Latvian and Lithuanian companies, which is led by the company “A.C.B.”, as it offered the lowest price. We congratulate the winner and expect the best results from it. The companies will face a significant challenge and assume a great responsibility as they will have to perform a large volume of complicated work that requires punctuality and diligence in a particularly short period of time,” says Donatas Voveris, the Head of Airport Network at Lithuanian Airports.

D. Voveris noted that due to the importance of the reconstruction project at national level, Lithuanian Airports were very meticulous in conducting contractor procurement procedures. Therefore, it is expected that the tenderers will take the importance of the project for Lithuania and the particularity tight work schedule into account and will exercise their right to stop the signing of the agreement very responsibly.

During the reconstruction, aviation activity in Vilnius Airport will not be carried out and all aircraft will be directed to Kaunas Airport. “Smooth transfer of operations to Kaunas is very important because it is the only way to preserve Lithuania's accessibility by air. It is a stressful and very sensitive process, so each disturbance and delay will have a direct impact on all residents of the country and foreign guests,” maintains D. Voveris.

The reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport will begin on 14 July 2017, and as early as on 18 August the runway will be ready for aircraft again.

Before the tender for contractor work was announced, it was estimated that the value of reconstruction work should amount to EUR 24 million; however, as a result of supplier competition the price of the work went down by as much as 5 million and amounts to EUR 19 million.

The runway of Vilnius Airport will be fundamentally reconstructed: soil will be removed, the old asphalt surface will be broken, a cold-resistant protective layer will be formed, the pipes of the waste water removal and drainage systems will be replaced, a new asphalt surface will be built and a new signal lights system will be installed.

The current runway in Vilnius Airport is in a badly deteriorated state and almost in critical condition. Last time it was reconstructed 20 years ago.

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