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2017 04 06

During the reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius Airport, carriers will offer additional trips to Kaunas

During the reconstruction of the runway at Vilnius airport, carriers promise to ensure proper transportation to Kaunas airport. In the beginning of March, when Lithuanian Airports invited carriers of the country to review the regularity of transportation between Vilnius and Kaunas airports, two carriers informed of their plans to increase the number of trips and to create new routes.

“The reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius airport is one of the largest and most important projects of infrastructure in Lithuania this year, thus we have taken every measure for the project to go smoothly. Even though Lithuanian Airports are not responsible for ensuring the transportation of passengers to the airport, feeling the responsibility for contributing to the comfort of passengers, the company addressed carriers in a letter. And the good news is that companies providing passenger transportation services responded and adjusted their itineraries offering additional trips going to and from Kaunas airport”- said the Head of the Lithuanian Airports chain Donatas Voveris.

So far, Lithuanian Airports has received a positive answer on adding additional trips to Kaunas airport from two carriers, namely, Ollex and Toks.

The carriage company Ollex, which has carried passengers to Lithuanian airports since 2009, already announced that bus trips going from Vilnius and Klaipėda to Kaunas airport will be aligned with the flight schedule. In other words, during the reconstruction of Vilnius runway, passengers going from both the capital city and the seaside will be able to reach Kaunas at the time most convenient to them regardless of whether their flights land early in the morning or late at night.

However, the company notes that passengers should purchase tickets to and from Kaunas airport online in advance. The number of sold tickets will help Ollex decide on the size and number of buses going in respective route. The first bus stop in Vilnius is nearby the bus and railway station, in Seinų street, in front of McDonald‘s restaurant, and the starting point of a bus trip in Klaipėda is in the parking lot of Akropolis shopping centre, nearby Dubysos street. Passengers are already able to purchase tickets for the reconstruction period.

The company Toks also announced about the trips of two minibuses with 19 seats and a spacious luggage compartment manufactured in 2017 going from Vilnius to Kaunas airport. Currently the company does not operate this route, but during the reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius airport, its microbuses will go from Vilnius bus station to Kaunas airport at least 6 times per day.

Bus timetables going to and from Kaunas airport will be available on carrier websites.

Of course, reaching Kaunas airport by other means will also be possible. In addition to the previously mentioned buses and microbuses, Kaunas can be reached by train, and then public transport of the city can be used for continuing the journey from the railway station to the doorstep of the airport.

Those who prefer going by car also have a few choices. The car sharing service provider CityBee offers a possibility to leave a vehicle, which was picked up in Vilnius, in Kaunas. Such a parking lot has already been set up nearby the Kaunas airport.

Lithuanian Airports warn private car owners that even though the parking lot nearby the Kaunas airport will be expanded in preparation for increased passenger flow, the number of parking spots will remain limited therein.

During the reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius airport, which will last from the 14th of July, 00:00 a.m., till the 17th of August, 23:59 p.m., the old runway covering will be replaced, reinforcing its foundation, installing new drainage and rainwater collection system and reconstructing the system of control of signal lights. Consortium managed by the Latvian company A.C.B will perform the reconstruction works.

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