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Reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius Airport

Woks of reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius airport will be conducted during the period from 14 July till 17 August 2017, 11:59 p.m. Kaunas will be the capital of flights during the 35 summer days with the majority of flights being directed to this airport.

Key facts:

  • Date of reconstruction: 14 July 2017 - 17 August 2017, 11:59 p.m. Duration – 35 days.
  • The runway will undergo major reconstruction, replacing the old pavement, reinforcing its foundation, installing new drainage and rainwater collection systems and reconstructing the lighting control system.
  • During the reconstruction, 14 out of 16 airlines having regular flights plan flying from Kaunas airport.
  • Having assessed all technical project requirements and other conditions, such as precipitation, temperature and duration of the daylight time, the optimal time for reconstruction was chosen.
  • Having conducted the analysis of other airports having implemented similar projects, the estimated price of works is EUR 25 million. The contractor of the reconstruction works is the consortium owned by the Latvian company ACB, which will conduct works for EUR 19 million. Contractors of the reconstruction are subject to the top quality of works and reputation requirements seeking that works were performed smoothly and accurately. The main contractor of works A.C.B. has regularly performed works in Riga International Airport for more than 20 years; it also worked in NATO airport in Lielvarde (Latvia).

Take-off and Landing Strip (TLS) Reconstruction calendar


In order to ensure high quality service, an additional infrastructure will be created in Kaunas Airport:

  • enlarged parking zones;
  • built additional parking spaces for both long-term and short-term parking;
  • opened a new temporal departure terminal with registration table, aviation security check posts, State Board Guard Service and Customs zone as well as boarding gates;
  • opened a new temporal arrival terminal;
  • passengers provided with high quality service – catering, shopping, car rent, tourism and public transport information in temporal modern terminals;
  • promoted convenient, fast and high quality connection between Vilnius and Kaunas.

TLS Reconstruction Plan 1

TLS Reconstruction Plan 2


What exactly will be done in Vilnius Airport during the runway reconstruction?

The runway will be reconstructed from the essence – both the top layer and the ground level. It is planned to:

  • replace and install ~ 100 km of electrical cables, and ~ 168 wells;
  • build electrical, wastewater and communications infrastructure networks;
  • reinforce the soil around the runway according to international requirements;
  • replace an old coating with a new one;
  • reconstruct the lights and their management systems;
  • install new drainage and rainwater collection systems.

Will flights be held from Vilnius airport during the reconstruction?

During the period from 14 July 2017 till 17 August 2017, 11:59 p.m., there will be no flights from Vilnius airport due to the reconstruction works. Flights will be transferred to Kaunas and Palanga airports.

What is the need for the reconstruction based on?

The decision to reconstruct the runway was made after conducting many specific and extensive studies as well as analyses. The decision was also determined by experts` (road workers, aviation safety professionals etc.) evaluation of the runway technical specification, favorable weather conditions in Lithuania and, specifically, in Vilnius, technique of laying down the covering as well as other important factors.

Why was such a decision made to reconstruct the runway from the essence, and not to repair its top layer?

20 years have passed since the last reconstruction of this runway, for this reason reconstruction is necessary to ensure safety and effectiveness. If we chose to reconstruct only the top layer of the runway, we would need to do much more work soon. That is why the reconstruction from the essence seems to be the best choice while taking perspectives from the future. Lithuanian Airports is one of the companies responsible for forming our country`s image, so its strategic actions must be oriented to the further perspective.

Why the said period of time was chosen for the reconstruction of the runway, i.e. the summer which is the peak flying time?

The period from 14 July 2017 till 17 August 2017, 11:59 p.m., was chosen for reconstruction because of most favourable weather conditions and technical solutions:

  • Dry weather. The precipitation analysis of 2012–2014 shows that statistically there are less rainy days during the said period (in terms of the frequency of rainy days rather than the amount of precipitation);
  • High temperature (summer temperatures). Before starting the reconstruction, many preparatory works must be performed, which may last for 3-4 months. Most favourable time for conducting them, without stopping the usual activities of the airport, is the spring, starting laying the asphalt no earlier than in the middle of the summer;
  • A longer lasting light time of the day.

During the reconstruction of the runway, other works, which could interfere with normal aviation activities, will also be conducted at Vilnius airport.

Why it is not enough to follow practice of other airports and to repair the runway at night?

At night, the runway would be only repaired, but not reconstructed from the essence. Even if the decision was made to reconstruct it at night, this would take much longer – up to 2 years. What would happen during those two years? Airlines would have to stick to rigorous time control, as the time period intended for the take-off and landing of planes in the airport would be restricted both in the evening and in the morning.

Such decisions might significantly inconvenience frequent passengers. In order to avoid such situations, as well as a long-term reconstructions that could take up to two years, the airport functioning will be stopped for only 35 days.

Is such a decision a unique case?

Definitely no. Several other airports in Europe have carried out reconstruction works. Milan Bergamo Airport is one of the examples.

How much time at maximum the reconstruction works of Vilnius Airport runway may take?

Technical data determines a need to close the runway for 35 days – the shortest possible time for such a project.

Will Kaunas manage to accept all aircrafts willing to take off and land?

Yes, Kaunas airport is preparing for increasing passenger flow - here additional arrival and departure terminals will be set up with temporary infrastructure, expanding the existing and building additional parking lots.

How much inconvenience may such a decision cause to passengers when they will be forced to deal with a distance between Kaunas and Vilnius?

Today, Vilnius Airport is the country’s largest air gate, servicing clients not only from Vilnius region, but also from other Lithuanian cities. Often, residents from regions further away have to travel over 100 km to the airport. A distance of such magnitude is an ordinary practice in many European countries. Therefore, we should be glad about having airports separated by no more than 100 km.

How do I plan my trip to/from Kaunas during the reconstruction of Vilnius Airport runway?

Kaunas Airport can be reached by usual means of transport:

  • by car - additional long-term and short-term parking spaces will be equipped near Kaunas Airport;
  • by CityBee car - it will be possible to leave the car rented in Vilnius or Kaunas near Kaunas Airport;
  • by bus - direct intercity buses run from Vilnius bus station to Kaunas Airport;
  • by train - you can take train from Vilnius to Kaunas, and after you get off at the train station, you wait for the bus No. 29 going to Kaunas Airport.

How do I buy tickets, if I plan a trip during the reconstruction of Vilnius Airport runway?

We recommend you buy flight tickets from/to Kaunas Airport.

Are there additional routes to Kaunas Airport planned during the reconstruction of Vilnius Airport runway?

Transport services company Ollex increased the number of its bus routes from Vilnius and Klaipėda to Kaunas Airport, the routes will be aligned with flight schedule. We recommend passengers buy tickets online in advance, because based on how many tickets are sold, the company will decide on the size and the number of buses going the relevant route. Tickets are now available on Ollex website.

Transport services company Toks will provide its bus routes from Vilnius bus station to Kaunas Airport and return route at least six times a day during the reconstruction period. Passengers will be offered to go by two 2017 release 19 seater minibuses with a spacious luggage compartment. Bus schedule to and from Kaunas Airport is available on the website.


2017 01 03

Survey: More than a Half of the Country’s Residents are Aware of the Approaching Reconstruction of the Runway in Vilnius Airport
Vilnius Airport is carefully preparing for the reconstruction of the runway that will take place in summer of the current year, from 14 July to 18 August. To find out how aware the residents of Lithuania are about this and what they think about the project, in 2016 the market research company “Spinter” carried out a survey* of residents on behalf of Lithuanian Airports and discovered that people know about the reconstruction, but only a small part of them have comprehensive information.      

2016 10 31

4 companies are willing to engage in the reconstruction of runway of Vilnius Airport
There are 4 companies willing to perform main works of reconstruction of runway of Vilnius Airport in summer of 2017. Currently, Lithuanian Airports is evaluating the presented tenders and hopes to be able to announce a winner soon.

2016 10 06

During the reconstruction of Vilnius Airport, the majority of flights will be diverted to Kaunas
During the period from 14 July till 18 August 2017, when the runway of Vilnius Airport will be under reconstruction, the majority of airlines will divert their flights to Kaunas Airport. Even though during the reconstruction, the schedule and frequency of flights will be somewhat different, connections to the major cities of Europe will remain great, and the number of flights going in certain directions may even increase.

2016 09 29

Vilnius Airport is in search for contractors for reconstruction of its runway
Works of the second stage of reconstruction of the runway at Vilnius Airport to be carried out in the summer of 2017 are expected to cost nearly EUR 24 million. Having announced an open and public tender for the procurement of reconstruction contract works, a contractor, the quality of works and reputation whereof would raise no doubt, is searched for.

2016 09 02

Changes in Kaunas Airport in Preparation for Becoming Lithuania’s Aviation Centre
Preparation for the reconstruction of runway at Vilnius Airport is gaining momentum. The temporary infrastructure has already been designed and will be installed in Kaunas Airport next summer when for 35 days in July and August most passengers and flights from the capital city will be moved here.