Airport news

2019 03 01

Lithuanian Airports record a sharp increase in the checked baggage flows
At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the company Lithuanian Airports recorded a sharp increase in checked baggage flows. Due to these sudden changes, the company’s representatives notify that they are looking for solutions how to reorganise the baggage acceptance and distribution systems. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons of this growth is air carriers’ Ryanair and Wizz Air baggage rules that became effective at the end of the last year.

2019 02 05

Successful new stage of aircraft noise management in Vilnius as over 15 measures are implemented in this area over the period of two years
One of the major tasks that has to be addressed by most airports around the world is aircraft noise management. Vilnius Airport has been cooperating with State Enterprise Oro navigacija for several years now working on individual noise reduction initiatives. This year, this cooperation evolved into a long-term commitment. Vilnius Airport and State Enterprise Oro navigacija signed an agreement on the implementation of complex noise reduction measures. A detailed long-term plan includes measures aimed at helping to control aircraft noise zones.

2019 01 30

Non-aviation revenue of Lithuanian Airports increased by one third
Compared to 2017, Lithuanian Airports revenue for non-aviation service sales has increased by one third in 2018. Last year was very successful for airport partners providing retail and catering services. Shops and cafés in all three Lithuanian Airports branches contributed to success by growing their sales numbers.

2019 01 14

In spring, the direct flights between Vilnius and Tbilisi will be launched
At the beginning of this April, Vilnius Airport will start operating one more route – after a gap of a decade there will be direct flights to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The airline Georgian Airways will carry passengers to this city three times a week.

2019 01 04

Lithuanian Airports: people with disabilities increasingly choose air travel
In the past year, the flow of passengers with disability and reduced mobility has steadily increased across Lithuanian airports. Over the year, the number of passengers with reduced mobility in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports grew by about 36 percent. The change is driven by the development of infrastructure adapted to people with disabilities and the services provided by airports including escorting passengers from the moment of arrival at the airport to their seat on the aircraft.

2018 11 29

Lithuanian Airports have introduced eight new routes and finished their preparations for the winter season
Lithuania switched to winter time on the last weekend of October marking the start of winter season for Lithuanian Airports. Thanks to joint efforts of Lithuanian Airports and air carriers, passengers planning holiday and business trips will now be offered eight new and strategically significant destinations, as well as additional weekly flights to already popular directions.

2018 11 28

Number of passengers travelling from Vilnius Airport by public transport has increased almost four times

Naturally the airport in Vilnius is the centre of intensive movement to and from which thousands of people travel every day. The range of transport means they use partially characterises the whole system of city transport. The latest research has revealed a significantly higher passengers’ confidence in Vilnius public transport over the last seven years.

2018 10 31

Lithuanian Airports remind customers of a golden rule that will become especially useful starting 1 November
Lithuanian Airports believe that arriving at the airport at least two hours prior to the flight is a golden rule for travellers. Nowadays, it has become essential to ensure all necessary procedures are done on time. A survey conducted by Lithuanian Airports shows that an increasing number of passengers have started taking this into account. However, with two airlines introducing changes to hand luggage handling procedure on 1 November, customers are now asked to pay even more attention to arrival time.

2018 10 17

A new design “Duty Free” has opened its doors at Vilnius Airport: greater attention to Lithuanian producers
The consultation between Vilnius Airport and Vilnius Airport Users’ Committee will be held at 13:30 local time on 29 November 2018 at the premises of SE Oro navigacija (Rodūnios kelias 2, Vilnius, Lithuania).

2018 10 12

From December aircraft related noise will affect Vilnius residents even less
Reducing the impact and extent of aircraft noise is one of the most important continued environmental tasks of Vilnius Airport. In December, plans are made to introduce some of the measures assisting its implementation, for example, to introduce a requirement for aircraft to comply with the departure route established above the least populated urban areas. The goal is to strengthen the noise prevention system by the end of the year so that Vilnius residents would become less and less affected by the aircraft noise.