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Number of direct flights from Vilnius is increasing

The number of flights from Vilnius International Airport (VIA) is to increase soon; agreements have been reached on flights to Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

VIA has agreed with Swedish airline Skyways about direct flights on the routes Vilnius-Stockholm-Vilnius (twelve rotations per week), Vilnius-Berlin-Vilnius (three rotations per week), Vilnius-Amsterdam-Vilnius (ten rotations per week) and five times per week on the route Vilnius-Copenhagen-Vilnius. Direct flights are planned to start no later than on the 18th of May.

“The objectives are not changing – we continue working towards opening direct flights from Vilnius to London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona” says Tomas Vaisvila, the Director of Vilnius International Airport. “We have introduced changes to airport services pricing, we start active marketing actions. Our strategic target is to be the best in the Baltic Region not only in terms of charges but also service quality, flexibility, flight safety, services provided to clients.”

“Air transport has been affected by global economic crisis even more painfully than other businesses - not only Vilnius Airport but also all other airports worldwide saw a decrease in number of flights. Due to the economic downturn Airlines have experienced decrease in demand for flights“ says Tomas Vaisvila.“ Airlines are calculating damages, going bankrupt, laying off thousands of employees.”

According to Tomas Vaisvila, having reinstated connection with main European cities, efforts shall be made to maintain the existing routes.

“I keep saying that – it requires joint efforts of state structures, tourism, hotel industry. Currently airlines are renouncing the routes that are unprofitable and attract less passengers” affirms the Director of Vilnius Airport.

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