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Aircraft rescue firefighting training completed successfully

On Thursday Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training was carried out at Vilnius International Airport.
During the training an emergency cargo aircraft landing, rescue and firefighting operations were simulated. The training was meant to check the readiness of the airport Firefighting Service to carry out rescue operations within the airport territory.
Upon watching the training, Mr Eligijus Masiulis the Minister of Transport and Communications stated that the rescue team performed their task expeditiously and properly.
,,All airport services proved to be ready to perform rescue operations of aircraft as well as passengers and crew all 24 hours. It is one of the most important functions of the airport. Even during these hard times of economy we cannot economize at the expense of flight safety and lives”, emphasized E. Masiulis.
Airport Firefighting Service, Aviation Security Patrol Service, Airport Operations Service, Aerodrome Service, Medical Service participated in the training.
Managers of the departments from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Civil Aviation Administration, SE “Oro Navigacija” and the airport watched the training.

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