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Free internet access available in Vilnius airport

Free wireless internet access “Airport-free” launched at Vilnius International Airport.

Internet access has been implemented in the public area of the airport, the Departures, cafés, airport Business Lounge and VIP.
‘The main function of the airport is to serve inbound and outbound passengers. Free internet access will allow passengers to spend time usefully, get the latest news, stay connected to their business while waiting for the flight. Wireless internet is available at majority of the airports. However, in most of them it is not free’ says Tomas Vaisvila, Director General of Vilnius International Airport.
According to Mr. Vaisvila, in future more high-tech novelties useful to passengers and passenger handling services will be implemented.
No additional devices are required to get connected to the internet at the airport. You must only have a laptop computer or a mobile telephone which are standard WiFi technologies compatible. The speed of the Internet connection is up to 2048 Kbps.
For the convenience of the passengers information on free internet access will be available on the information stands within the airport territory.
Until now only pay internet access offered by several companies was available.

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