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Performance optimization at Vilnius airport is underway

With the approval of the board Vilnius International Airport changes the structure and refuses the activities that are not typical of airports. The airport will perform only its main functions, therefore departments fulfilling the same functions will be joined. Some of the departments will be liquidated, part of the services will be outsourced.

‘We are implementing the goals set to become a modern, flexible and efficient enterprise’, says Tomas Vaisvila, Director General of Vilnius International Airport. Upon analyzing the structure of the enterprise it was established that there were loss-making services and positions at the enterprise. We must become fast and flexible.”

According to T. Vaisvila the airport shall perform its main functions – service departing and arriving passengers and aircraft.
Following the optimization of the work, 12 m Litas will be saved for the staff costs only. The costs reduction is also planned by optimizing energy resources management.
It is planned that by the 1st of October 180 employees out of 696 working at present will be made redundant.

Gabrielė Vasiliauskaitė
Communication Manager
Tel. +3705 2739384

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