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„STAR1 AIRLINES“ aircraft landed in Vilnius airport

26 06 2009 Star1 Airlines distributed a press release:

„STAR1 AIRLINES“ aircraft landed in Vilnius airport

The first „Star1 Airlines” aircraft „Boeing 737 – 700 Next-Generation”, which is able to carry 148 passengers, landed successfully in Vilnius airport.

According to Martynas Laivys, the head of „Star1 Airlines”, the arrival of this aircraft in Vilnius airport noted a real beginning of the company’s flights activity.

“This is the best evidence that all our aims and objectives were realistic. As it was planned before, Vilnius is going to reestablish the airbridges with other European cities. The aircraft is prepared for the future flights and we expect to begin them at a proper time” – M. Laivys noted.

The first aircraft arrived to Vilnius airport from Shannon Airport, Ireland, on Friday morning at 4.15 a.m.

“We have planned to begin the flights this week already. The first regular flight will take place on the 3rd of July. In parallel with the beginning of flights we are going to expand the aircrafts fleet and to introduce the second aircraft to Vilnius this summer already” - M. Laivys told.

„Boeing 737- 700 Next Generation” is considered to be one of the most successful aircrafts of the “Boeing” company; it was introduced into the aviation industry in 1996. Carrying up to 148 passengers this aircraft can make noticeably longer (up to 6000 km) distances than the older generation „Boeing 737“ aircrafts.

From the 3rd of July the airline will operate flights to London, from the 4th of July – to Dublin, and from the 5th of July - to Barcelona (Girona). „Star1 Airlines” is planning to offer more regular flights to other European cities, including Paris, Milan and additional flights to London, after the the second aircraft is leased in the second half of the summer 2009.  

„Star1 Airlines“ belongs to „Star Team Group“, which owns the tour operator „Star Holidays“ as well.

Martynas Laivys
Director of „Star1 Airlines”
Phone: 861060520

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