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Vilnius airport ir ready to accept Star 1 airlines aircraft

Vilnius International Airport (VIA) announces that as of July 3 the airline Star 1 Airlines starts direct flights on three routes to London, Dublin and Gerona. The airline’s aircraft Boeing 737-200 Next Generation took off for the first flight to London Stansted airport in the evening last Friday.

Flights between Vilnius and London will be operated 4 times per week, to Dublin 3 times per week, to Gerona 2 times per week.
“We welcome a new Lithuanian air carrier. It is not an ordinary event to the country’s aviation and business. We are happy about that and we will provide conditions for successful operation of Star 1 Airlines in Vilnius International Airport” said Tomas Vaisvila, General Manager of VIA.
According to him, the airport is ready to serve aircraft operating flights on new routes as well as the passengers.
The airport shall ensure safe and convenient access of the passengers to the terminal upon arrival, smooth performance of all necessary customs procedures, fast baggage reclaim and safe departure from the airport. The airport also carries out maintenance of the runways and provides airport services such as aircraft parking lots, refuelling, etc.
The schedule of the new direct flights could be found at the website of VIA and

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