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Due to technical failure Brussels Airlines aircraft had to return back to Vilnius

On Wednesday afternoon Brussels Airlines aircraft performing direct flight from Vilnius to Brussels had to return to Vilnius International Airport (VIA). The crew reported technical failure. However, the passengers were not endangered.

Upon take-off the crew of Avro 100 noticed technical malfunction in the chassis and reported it to the VIA air traffic control tower.
The crew was in control of the situation and later reported absence of technical malfunction, however for flight and passenger safety the decision to return back to Vilnius airport was made.
The aircraft with 83 passengers onboard landed at VIA at 16 hours yesterday. Technicians were called to check and make sure that the aircraft was in good condition and could continue flight.
While the aircraft is being checked, passengers continued their travel onboard Brussels Airlines replacement aircraft.
Direct flight from Vilnius to Brussels was performed at 23.10 on Wednesday.

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