Have you ever actually tasted with your eyes? Or felt taste by touching? Can you smell sound and hear aromas?

Vilnius Airport aspires to become an airport of sensory experience, and in cooperation with AMRES ART gallery, a unique space for travellers will be opening. Upon entering, you will be able to distance yourself from informational noise, imposed societal stereotypes, relax and enjoy the and now.


About the senses

Have you noticed that in our contemporary technological world we are living among great artificiality, and are losing sensory acuteness – the ability to sense surroundings, create and even successfully make choices?

AMRES ART experience space, located in the Departure Lounge -- images, a world of aromas and textures, where sensations rule. Once inside, you will feel artistic creations pulsate with positive energy, you will test the sensitivity of touch and scent, and you will look for your personality‘s pattern in the hand-painted batik fabric created by Indonesian masters.


AMRES ART experience space is exhibiting pieces born from the intuitive aesthetic method – the artist relays the state of wholeness and harmony that he feels at that moment with the movement of his hand.

  • AMRES ART ACRYLIC ON CANVAS TITLED THE GENE OF A LEADER. These are light emotions, spilling over in color. The pieces were created by active, successful, beautiful people in energetically strong Lithuanian locations, and that is why while looking at them more intensely, one might catch the contageous positive mood of the creator. Good energy is encoded in the pieces and relays an impetus for those who seek changes in their work. 
  • AMRES ART WATERCOLOR   PATTERNS OF JOY Nothing relays the vibration of the soul as watercolors do. Through the undertones of color, the clarity of light plays with shadows; the mood, impression and experience pour out at that moment. It is a meditative journey within. A state where thoughts and time melt. These pieces are like therapy – you hear the sound of light music, and hidden inside is an ingredient for success. 
  • AMRES ART SILK BATIK   PATTERNS OF CHARACTER. These are paintings created by Indonesian masters applying the ancient UNESCO-protected batik creation technology – dyeing with paint and wax. Masterful undertones of color and forms on silk transform into unique patterns and images inspired by the creations of Italian philosopher and artist Antonio Meneghetti. These images testify about a person‘s beauty of character and calling. They encourage looking at the self anew, and finding one‘s individuality.

Interactive authenticity degustation  

AMRES ART experience space invites you in for a degustation of authenticity. It is devoted to the development of intuition and the senses, which help to orient the individual in the world of the real and unreal: 

  • SCENT DEGUSTATION. Here, you will be able to check olfactory acuteness, while sampling natural essential oils. You will discover which scent can reveal joy. You will experience a fragrance note which suits your emotions at that time. You will select a fragrant Pattern of Joy postcard, which is like a diagnostic of current state and mood.  
  • SILK DEGUSTATION. Here, you will come in contact with gentle silk, with its specific emotion, and through the sense of touch, you will test your ability to distinguish authentic from synthetic fabric.  

AMRES ART experience space promises a dose of good emotion, along with reminding the individual about the importance of authenticity and creativity which is hidden within each of us.


The experience space can be found near Boarding Gate A4.


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